Welcome to Ten103 Treehouse Bay

It all begins with the boat ride in, as you approach Treehouse Bay via the clear and tranquil aquamarine water, you’ll see that things are different here. No blaring party music or rowdy hordes toting around buckets of cheap booze. Only after the natural sounds of the lapping water and the jungle creatures captivate your senses do you realize you’re somewhere unique - somewhere special - somewhere you can truly relax.

While most other island retreats on Cambodia’s tropical islands try replicate the beach party atmosphere, Ten103 will bring you back to nature, offering a truly unique and idyllic island experience. With the simple, yet comfortable houses built in the majestic island trees and an unparalleled quality of fresh island dining, you’re invited to indulge all your senses and reacquaint yourself with true, pure and simple relaxation.

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